Meet Our Chef

Niall Keating is our talented and dynamic chef. Formerly of Shanahan’s on the green, roly’s bistro and la stampa on Dawson st, he brings a really strong vision of what eating out should be – an equal measure of great food, great wine and great company.

His food philosophy is based on what he cheerfully refers to as “a lack of interference”.

“I’ve been to so many restaurants in Ireland and abroad where the food was completely and utterly over-prepared. I believe that if you’ve got the very best ingredients, you need to let them be the star of the show, cooking them as simply as possible and making sure that their inherent taste and flavor aren’t overpowered by snobbish ‘cheffery’ and nonsensical presentation.”

“I also believe that the formula for a great menu is a combination of the new and the old. So you’ll find that a number of our signature dishes are a permanent fixture on our menus – but we constantly offer new and exciting dishes that are inspired by the best of international cusine from around the globe.”

“And just as every dish should be simply brilliant, every wine that accompanies it should be equally simple – and equally brilliant.

We’ve deliberately assembled a small and select wine list, but you have my personal assurance that we’ve got a wine to accompany every conceivable flavor and texture.

And by spending less time making your wine selection, of course, you’ll have more time to enjoy it!”

“I also believe that the secrets of your favorite restaurant should be yours for the asking, so I’ve included a couple of my favorite dishes below and you can try them for yourself at home.”

“And if you’d like me to add any more of your favorites to the list, simply email me at [email protected]

Reservation Line – 01-82 839 06